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La Meridiana

Italy – La Meridiana

La Meridiana is an International School of Ceramics founded in 1981 by Pietro Elia Maddalena. It is a non-profit institution for the advancement of the ceramic arts. Our goal for 30 years now has been to offer a facility dedicated to continual education, a meeting ground in a place rich in Italian culture. Workshops and seminars for beginners to professionals are offered throughout the year, relating to various ceramic processes: hand building, throwing, sculpture, decoration, study and application of glazes and the various firing techniques (majolica, raku, high temperature, salt & soda, wood, etc).Teachers are locals as well as artists of international reputation. La Meridiana is partner in European funded projects for life long learning and in collaboration with East Caroline University from the USA offers a semester long Art Study Programme in Tuscany. In it’s broad view of education in arts and fostering of creativity La Meridiana has included the organization of an international exhibition of ceramic sculpture, called “Concreta”. The ceramic school is set in a restored 18th century farmhouse, in the centre of Tuscany, land of Etruscan and Roman culture, medieval architecture and renaissance splendor.